1. The cemetery is open daily from dawn to dusk
  2. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and pet owners are responsible to clean up and remove any pet waste from the cemetery properties.
  3. No changes can be made to any gravestone without pre-approval. Memorial plaques, their installation, and cremains burial will be managed directly by the cemetery.
  4. The cemetery reserves the right to remove and/or dispose of any flowers, wreaths, or containers of any type should they interfere with mowing, maintenance or become displaced or unsightly due to wind or other causes. The cemetery is not responsible for damaged or stolen floral pieces or other decorations.
  5. Reasonable precautions will be taken to protect gravesite holders of their rights within the cemetery, but the cemetery distinctly disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control, and especially from damage caused by the elements, an act of God, thieves, vandals, explosions and unavoidable accidents. The Cemetery will provide perpetual care to the cemetery grounds only. The purchaser or their assignees for any headstone or plaque will assume all risks to the memorial, but may provide insurance at their own expense.
  6. No flowers, trees or shrubs may be planted on the cemetery property. Any violation of this rule will result in removal of the planting by the cemetery.