Memorial Plaque & Cremains Burial Service

The Waterford Union of Churches Cemetery is considering offering local residents, who wish to be remembered as part of Waterford’s history, an opportunity to do so by means of bronze memorial plaques. These plaques will be installed on flagstone strips in our cemetery’s memorial area. Cremains may be buried in front of a plaque.

Memorial plaque area in the Waterford Union of Churches Cemetery.

Memorial Plaques

  • Each memorial plaque is 10” high x 16” wide.
  • Plaques are made of forged bronze.
  • The plaques will be purchased and installed by the Cemetery.

Cremains Burial

  • Cremains may be buried in the grass strip in front of the plaque. Cremains may be buried loose or in a container. Containers may be of any material but may be no larger than 12” by 9” by 7”.


  • The cost is $1,680 per plaque, which includes perpetual care, a $480 forged bronze plaque, an entry about the deceased in our web site’s memorial section, and a $120 installation charge. Two sets of cremains may be buried at the same time at no additional charge. If second cremains are buried after the first, there is an additional $200 fee.
  • Memorial plaques may be reserved at no charge. They may also be prepaid to lift any future burden from the family. Prepaid amounts are fully refundable.
  • Plaques may be replaced for the cost of a new plaque plus a $200 reinstallation fee.

Please contact us by email, , or by phone, (571) 293-6505, for more information or to let us know of your interest.