Eagle Scout Completes African American Cemetery Fence

Joshua DiStefano, a member of Eagle Scout Troup 969, based in Hamilton, completed the wooden fence in the African American section of the Union of Churches Cemetery along Fairfax Street in Waterford, Virginia. In earlier years, wire fencing had been used around most of the cemetery to keep cattle out. This newly rebuilt section replaces the last of the wire fencing.

What made this project different from previous fencing construction was the use of metal T-posts instead of sunken wooden posts because of the numerous tree roots along the border of the cemetery. The task, completed in September 2020, was part of Joshua's Eagle Scout requirement. The fence was then treated with ferrous sulfate to give it an immediate aged look.

Installing the fence

Almost finished

Joshua DiStefano and his father Rich

Scouts also cleaned up the cemetery

Pine fence treated with tannin and ferrous sulfate to give it an aged look.

Pine fence treated with tannin and ferrous sulfate












*Troop 969 from Hamilton  meets at the Harmony United Methodist Church under Scout Master Mr. John Hall.