Oscar C. James 1861-1906

Oscar C. James, a well-known liveryman, ended his own life with a gunshot wound to the head after an unsuccessful attempt to kill his sister-in-law.

After Oscar's wife Susan died in 1903, Susan's sister Blanche Brabham moved in to help care for Oscar and his daughters Maud and Clara. On August 5, 1906, Oscar apparently became jealous and enraged when Blanche attended a bush meeting with Thomas Myers, who lived nearby. When Blanche returned home, Oscar confronted her at the supper table. He pulled out a pistol and fired four shots in her direction. One of the bullets slightly wounded Blanche in the ear. She managed to get out of the house and run away. Oscar then put the gun against his head and fired a fatal shot into his right temple.

Family Members

Susan F. Brabham James
Cloyd Lester James